Allow God to lead you.

Allow God to lead you.

Hey loves!

I listened to a podcast ‘Feed your Destiny’ by Joel Osteen which I

thought is very timely and has a lot you can learn from.

So below are few pointers I jotted down as I was listening to it. I hope you can grip something and run with it . Also, please be sure to listen to the original podcast.


Whatever you feed will grow.
The part of your life that is negative, don’t feed it otherwise it will grow.Starve it!
God places us in situations which we don’t understand; don’t put a question mark where God has put a period. He is aware of what you’re going through. Go through it with him.
Quit putting energy into your history, put it in your destiny.
Sometimes God will close doors which we think should be open. He knows what He is doing.
Check the people you hang out with, if they feed negative energy, you should keep away from that diet.
You have a responsibility to become what God created you to be.
You have to be firm about who you allow to feed you.
You have to get out of a negative environment to see God’s favour in a new way.
Don’t let the limitations of those around you hold you down.
The energy you use to feed negativity, transfer it to feed your faith!

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