#Blogmas 2: When will it be okay?

#Blogmas 2: When will it be okay?

I wanna to genuinely talk about something, not from a philosophical point of view, but from an experiential perspective.

I had a problem, many times I would through stuff and my reflex response would be to turn to God, but angrily. Overtime, I thank God because I have been learning to change my attitude towards it, and honestly, it’s by far the best option.

Often we hear phrases like “God has a plan, There’s a reason for everything…”  but how many times do we brush them off? I for instance couldn’t stand someone who told me “God has a plan,” like when is He planning to implement it? You know? Like how can you tell me “It’s going to be okay? or “It is well?” I want it to be okay now!
Truth is, this really got me worked up, frustrated, tired, sometimes it would even show on the outside, because I was relying on my strength. Huny, it’s tiring to operate like that.

Now, let me try put it into perspective, remember in the Gospel of Mark when Jesus told the disciples to go ahead of Him to Bethsaida? Somewhere along the way, they experienced a raging storm, and guess what, Jesus saw them straining. When the disciples saw Jesus, they screamed, they thought it was a ghost (I’m not making up words, it’s in the Bible) and He told them not to be afraid. When Jesus climbed into the boat, the wind died down. (Read Mark 6:45)

What I’m I trying to say? 

As Christians, we experience storms, and guess what, God is always watching. Because often times we think “God has forsaken us” but no. Question is, what do you do during the storm? Do you call out to Him or do you throw your hands in the air? I have been learning to praise Him, even in my storm, and it is in such moments that I emerge restored and stronger. Let Him into your boat and


the storm will die down.

Honestly though, it’s not easy, how would it possibly “be okay” while you’re feeling a certain way? That’s where His strength comes in. 

Look at it this way, imagine if your life was entirely a smooth ride? Human nature is most likely to lead you into attributing it to the wrong things, yet it is He.

Steve Furtick says, “Resistance leads to Revelation.” …let that sink in!

While we experience this storms, God doesn’t cause them He only allows them to happen. He is not out to punish us and watch us suffering, the beauty about remaining in His presence is that He restores us, He makes us stronger and better.

Whichever storm you experience, strong or mild, praise Him and testify! 

Few months ago I shared my experience on this, you can read it here>>> 

I hope you this encourages you one way or another, I hope you realize you’re not alone through your storm and I hope you praise Him through it.

That’s it for today, come back on Wednesday for #Blogmas Day 3…yaaay!!!

Love & Hugs!

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