Paul, while in prison wrote to the Philippians about thanksgiving and prayer,

despite the situation he was in. As Christians, we may find ourselves in “prison”; situations that are hard and trying. More often than not, we complain and blame God or even people around us, which is contrary to what the Bible urges us to do.

Paul prayed that love may abide in knowledge and insight so that they were able to discern what was best in order to be pure and blameless until the day of Christ (Phil 1:9-11). It’s my prayer that you and I will desire the same.

In such a trying time, Paul continued to rejoice because he was sure through prayer, his situation would turn out for his deliverance.

“The world is not my home.” Whatever happens, although it is not easy, I will press on to the prize which is in heaven.

That situation that got you doubting if God really cares, or if you are at fault; I wanna encourage you, even as the Bible states, that you should not be anxious about anything but through prayers and petitions present your petitions to God. Remember His answers are, Yes, No & Wait…therefore whatever answer He gives you, it is the BEST!

Personally, the anxiety becomes too much to take my worries to the Lord in PRAYER which leads to my faith being dimmed but I learnt that I should lean not on my understanding because the peace of God will guard my heart and mind.

In the fourth chapter of Philippians, verse 11 &12, Paul says he learned to be content in different dimensions of situations; to be in need or to have in plenty.

I hope that you and I will have a HEART like that of Paul, ALWAYS!

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