Hear Me Out

Hear Me Out

Hi my loves!

Let’s talk…

We cannot move away from the fact that the social media craze is here with us.

We all enjoy scrolling away sometime online, often it feels like you know how your friends are fairing simply because you can keep tabs on their social media, but truth is, a lot goes on behind ‘online walls’. Conversations are so minimal, rarely genuine, we are simply slacking and it’s eating us up!

Personally, it takes time before I open up to someone. Part of it may be tied to my personality (introverted) most of it is because trust is built. I tend to be very careful with what I share with someone I just met, but as we interact more, I slowly bloom. For some, this is different, they could share such sensitive information about themselves within the first few interactions, and that’s okay.

Challenge is, do we have these genuine conversations anymore?

#FactCheck: you cannot have ten people you call close friends. That’s a lie you’re living. Again, that’s okay. What is important, is to identify those close knit people, the ones you could count on any day, whatever the season the ones who get you. Embrace them, invest in them, talk with them.

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I must admit this ‘talk to someone’ culture was very foreign to me. Anytime I needed to talk to someone I’d run to my mum and pour it all out. Well some of my friends say I’m a mystery, which means this hasn’t completely changed. But I’m on my way…

My cultivation to this culture began when I joined the PHD (Preserving Human Dignity) Ministry, which was founded by Rev. Ken Aringo. So under PHD is CHOPSan ex-candidates program where these young adults are equipped with life skills and spiritual nourishment. We would meet every single Sunday, and with my interactions with people I met there, “I’m okay” was never taken as an answer for “How are you?” With time I realised, these people actually want to #hearmeout, they want to know my highlights and low-lights, they want to engage with me and most importantly they want to walk with me. And that’s how it should be! I have tried dealing with issues alone, I can boldly say it was very horrible and rough. Feel free to learn from my experience…for your own good hunny!

PHD Ministries and Swahiba Youth Networks among other youth serving organizations and distinguished youth ministers have organised a must-attend teens camp for high school students. Speakers and facilitators at the camp include Rev. Ken Aringo, Pst. Peter Abungu, Ernest Wamboye, Kaki Mwihaki of Adawnage Band, Mercy Masika, Pst. Joy Maluki among others.
The camp will take place at Lukenya, from 3rd-7th December 2018. See poster below for more details, also feel free to reach out to me if you have any queries.


That’s it for today, remember to have real and genuine conversations and thanks for stopping by!

Before I go, shall we recognize the consistency October brought up in here? Drop by last week of the month for a travel blog post

Love & Hugs!

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