#HearMeOut: 5 Things I Would Tell My Teenage Self

#HearMeOut: 5 Things I Would Tell My Teenage Self

Hi my loves! 

I could confidently say I’m an experienced teenager, at least because I crossed that bridge a couple of years ago.

Teenagehood is a very interesting stage of life, it’s a period between being considered a “baby” and a dawn to being “free.” 

If I was to have a chat with my teenage self, here are a few things I would say to her.  As a matter of fact, these would be relevant to any teenager.

1.No stage of life is permanent.

I was in high school then, and when it was time to go back to school I would dread; for obvious reasons. To put it into perspective, I was in a public High School, so waking up early, showering with cold water, diet; the whole idea of being in a confined environment wasn’t pleasing. I would tell her not to be ‘disturbed’ by all the unattractive situations because it wouldn’t last forever. 

2. Don’t be in a hurry to grow up

When I was a teenager, I really wanted to get to that stage where I have access to “freedom’ as we like to refer to it. But what I didn’t realize, is that with age comes responsibility. Not to say that it’s a bad stage to be, but, embrace the one you’re in. 

Funny story: In campus, the first time I walked out of the gate and no one questioned me, I was taken aback! I literally called my mum to fuss about it. All this to say, a time is coming when you will have all the freedom at your disposal. 

3. It’s never too early to be ambitious

As a teenager, probably the most ambitious I got was thinking about the Degree I wanted to pursue and the University I was aiming for. Truth be told, there’s more to life than the degree anyone holds. God created all of us for a noble purpose and that’s what you should strive to discover. Good thing is that your passion and degree can be in sync. Rev. Ken Aringo once posted on his Facebook, “What you do for a living is not why you live.” Need I say more?

4.  Being a Christian is more than going to Church

Growing up, being a Christian was going to church on Sunday, and I’d pick it up again THE next Sunday. Thankfully, mum and I would do devotions and pray every night, but that was basically it. I would tell her, it’s more about Spiritual growth than going to church.  In my late teenagehood, I got to learn about QT (Quiet Time) and from then on built and invested in my relationship with God.

5. It’s okay not to be like the rest

This point is customized to current teenagers, and it actually applies to anyone, not just teenagers. In High School, Instagram was very foreign to me, Facebook was the in thing. (Sounds like I’m so old ey?) Social media comes with a lot of pressure, and once you begin to compare yourself to others, you loose it. First off, hardly ever do people post their bad days on social media. Secondly, everyone’s timing is different, so bloom in your season!

 Well, these are some of the things I would tell my younger self. It’s pretty obvious there is no reverse button in life; so this is more for you (if you’re a teenager) than it is for me. Grab some of these and learn from some of my experiences. My Biology teacher would tell us, “only fools learn from their own mistakes.” That’s a comsi comsastatement but it makes sense.

In the breathe of sharing my love with teenagers, here’s an opportune moment to grasp some more wisdom;
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As usual, thank you for stopping by…

Love & Hugs!

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