Jesus at the center of it all!

Jesus at the center of it all!

“Hi, this is *****, please come for an interview on Friday.” I got this call while in the library working out the last assignment

I had that semester. In the back of my mind all through had been, “I need an internship.” I knew for a fact it was no easy task but I sought to find one online. Trust me! it could be a ‘click’ away but damn, it can be tasking. 

“I will not struggle because you will secure a place for me,” I told God. There, I rested my case, so when I got this call I was like, “Being called for an interview is one, being accepted to the company is another but I am favoured.” 

I remember going back home& as I told mum about it, she detected how I really desired the job. A week later, “Come to the office at 8:00 a.m.” 

Barely two weeks into the internship, CEO of the company passed by our (department) office. “Well this is unusual,” I thought to myself. He engaged us in a conversation and “you are now a full employee of the company” was the climax of it! At my very tender age, without struggling, still in campus (final year though) I had a job? That night I thought to myself how I did not deserve all this but God is merciful & keeps promises.

This came as a reminder& challenge…thank Him whatever situation. 


Also, don’t focus so much on a downfall because you will miss the other door or window being opened.

Let me tell you something friend, all that He says in the Bible about you, proclaim and possess it!

I can tell you for sure, most of it is not about my papers. 

Tell it to Him, whatever it is, He will fulfil. Note that His will may be different from your desire because He knows what best fits you, accept it with joy!

Ultimately, make Him the centre of focus in your life!

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