Point of View

Point of View

Hello, hello 

I’ve read this short symbolic story one, two, many times…but every time, I am challenged on a whole new level and encouraged at the same time. 

I hope you find solace in it!

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Here goes:

A Boy asked his Father:- Dad what is the size of GOD?
Then the Father looked up at the Sky and saw a Plane and asked his Son:- What is the size of this Plane?
The Boy replied:- it is very small. I can hardly see it. Then, the father took him to the airport and as they approached a plane, he asked: –
Now, my Son, how big is this Plane?
The boy replied:- Wow dad, it’s huge! Then the father told him:-

GOD’s size depends on how close or far you are to him.

The closer you are to him, the Greater and Greater he will be in your life!
That is the truth.
Your intimacy will show you the greatness of GOD. May God’s greatness cover your life and family as you draw closer to Him.

DISCLAIMER: The above is not my original content neither was it credited to the source; I came across it on WhatsApp and thought I should share.

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