The mosquito in my net!

The mosquito in my net!

Here’s to being a writer 

Last night, just as I had tucked in my net, I heard a mosquito ‘sing.’

You know that very annoying buzz mosquitoes make? And they always seem to be in your ears! I figured, if I don’t get rid of it, it would be a nuisance in the middle of the night. So I switched on the light and began ‘hunting.’ I finally spotted it, but the hard task, was to get it out of the net. Eventually, I managed.

Please note, the amount of joy that was within me, is indescribable. These tiny animals can be so hard to get a hold of you know?

In life, there are mosquitoes buzzing in your ear and if you don’t get them out, you cannot enjoy your sweet sleep.

Well, you may choose to ignore the mosquito, but you will keep waving your hands in a way to get it away from your ears at least.

You may also be a heavy-sleeper, in that, once you get a hold of your sleep the mosquito buzz is not a bother. However, the mosquito, will have a good feast that night. By the time you wake up, you have itchy bites from it. Worst case scenario, you could be infected with malaria.

What about if you get rid of it? You will sleep peacefully, with no annoying buzz, not fearing any malaria infection and all the shortcomings that you could possibly think of.

There are those friends who are an annoying buzz, and if you leave them in your circle (mosquito net) they will hinder you from reaching your goal, they may influence you negatively. (you will not enjoy your sleep)

These mosquitoes could be people or behaviors, anything really!

Get rid of the mosquitoes in your net so that you sleep peacefully.


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