The Tropical Sweet

The Tropical Sweet

Hey my loves!

Another Friday, another blog post!

I’m actually proud of myself for achieving my goal for one post each week on the blog

(so far); too early to celebrate? No. Celebrate small wins friends, as often as you can! Thank you for joining me on today’s post. I was avoiding the “without further ado” phrase but oops, I said it! Let’s get into it…

The beauty about being a writer, is that normal situations or occurrences get you thinking about a back story. Sometimes the back story is stupid, sometimes it’s deep. I don’t know where mine lies; you can tell me at the end of the post!

So this is something that happened a while back. I was in a matatu on my way home from work and for some reason, I was very hungry that evening. You know the one you feel down your throat? Almost like a choking feeling. That kind of hunger. We’re on the move so I can’t stop to get something to bite, in my bag there’s no trace of anything edible and home seems so far. “I guess I have to hold on,” I think to myself. Few moments later, a guy selling sweets and all that shbang walks in (if you’re Kenyan this is typical you know). I hand him ten shillings and ask for ‘Tropical Mint’ he hands me three and continues to do his thing. Normally I wouldn’t buy from these guys by the way. My OCD has me convinced that those sweets are not clean. But this day I had to!

Like a baby excited to see the mother, I unwrapped the sweet and placed it in my mouth excitedly! Maybe it was in my mind, but as soon as I was done with it, I was less hungry. The choking effect was absent.

A typical matatu ride can be boring; either you’re staring outside the window, gazing around, using your phone, reading, sleeping, or looking out for the conductor to hand you back your change. They provoke us with that habit those ones. Anyway, I digress. That day I went with the gazing option, and a thought creeped in. To me it was amazing how just one sweet made my hunger less taunting.

Then I thought, as Christians, we have these moments when we’re so hungry! Some call it the desert season; whatever name you give it. Personally I’ve experienced such a time before when all seems so silent, nothing much going on (spiritually), and I yearn for God’s quench. So much. It’s like a hunger for Him. Or sometimes, you just want to be in His presence. That feeling. That experience.

Often, when I have QT, or experience worship, or read the Bible, or pray (anything along those lines) I feel very refreshed afterwards. I’m trying to express that feeling but words fail me. But it’s such a beautiful feeling. Especially the one you feel after crying during a session of prayer or worship.

Ah! Anyway…

Remember the sweet I ate and how I felt afterwards? Same thing here, imagine if you’re constantly hungry for God, you will constantly consume His word- you will lead a life of worshiping Him. PS. Worshiping God doesn’t only mean singing to a slow song, there’s more!

You and I were created to worship God. The Bible says in Isaiah 43:21 “…the people which I formed for myself, that they might set forth my praise.” And there are many other verses that talk about that. Let them sink in.

The other day I had a conviction; you can’t lead a normal prayer life and expect to live an extraordinary life.

Spare that hour of sleep and pray, overlook that temptation and fast, pick up your Bible from the shelf and read it, calculate that 10% and tithe, find a church and go! The list could go on and on…

James 4:8, “Come near to God, and He will come near to you…” This should tell you something. And remember God’s promises are pure and true.

Friends, as I type the above, I’m not there yet, not even close! I’m posing a challenge on myself as I pose it to you…

Feels like there should be a Part two? That was one abrupt ending. But that’s all I had for today…I would really like to hear from you. Any thoughts that came to your mind as you read, anything you don’t agree with (especially the part about church and tithing), engage me, mostly on the comments section down below, it’s meant for you, don’t be shy. Sometimes people understand and interpret the Word differently, share with me that too! I‘m looking forward to having conversations with you about today’s blog post.

I later realized that this post comes to you on International Women’s Day; it has nothing to do with that but i hope you receive it all the same.

Otherwise, thank you for stopping by. See you again next Friday!

Love & Hugs!


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