23 random facts about me|Hello June!

23 random facts about me|Hello June!

Thought I’d do a quick ‘random facts about me,’ post so that you get to know me better.

Maybe I’ll do a Q & A soon, just in case there’s something you wanna find out about me that is not included below. Also, you will soon find out why I stuck with ’23 facts.’

In no particular order, let’s dive in!

  1. June is my most favorite month of the year. Cause of my birthday, daah!
  2. After high school, I settled for Criminology as the degree I wanted to pursue. It’s obviously not what I took in Uni’, mum thought there are a lot of risks involved.
  3. I have never imagined living (in future) in the country, which I am a citizen of, Kenya.
  4. I love me some good food! Hence why I love discovering new restaurants. I hate cooking and I have the worst appetite! (such irony)
  5. I love chocolate (Rum&Raisin) is my favorite, but I hate chocolate ice scream.
  6. I have severe ‘nose’ allergies for dust, fragrances and cold (I’m always sneezing when I wake up)
  7. I can’t sleep with any doors or drawers in the room open and I can’t sleep without a glass/bottle of water by my bed side.
  8. To me crowds can be defined as a no thanks. I ma the most socially awkward person you will meet, especially a crowd of new people.
  9. I enjoy arranging photos on my Instagram feed. @chebet_makena if you haven’t 
  10. My mum is my best friend. She legit knows about everything I go through, yeap, even my crush or boyfriend. Everything!
  11. I’d like to do a PhD just so that I have the abbreviation ‘Dr.’ before my name.
  12. Flying creatures/animals freak me out, I don’t like pets but I can deal with caged pets. I actually had two pet birds, but they died.
  13. I am currently obsessed with colorful ankle socks, I find them really cute. My obsession for wrist watches is slowly fading out.
  14. Dear future husband, a washing machine is the first equipment we will buy for our house. Haha anyway, I really hate washing clothes.
  15. I’ve had two surgeries.
  16. I am obsessed with cook videos, Tasty Is my current favorite channel. I also enjoy watching choreos of people dancing to Afro-Pop music.
  17. “Chics who wear glasses are cute.” -Anonymous. I started putting on glasses in 2006. No thanks, I don’t want correctional surgery.
  18. Nakuru is my favorite County in Kenya.
  19. I love pink and purple.
  20. I can knit; with yarn and crochets. Learnt this when I was about 10.
  21. I ‘suffer’ from OCD. It gets really bad sometimes, and I love arranging things, on table tops, in drawers, wherever.
  22. I really really love traveling! If I could afford! I’d be in a different continent, or city, or town, every month or something.
  23. Love God Live Happy, is my philosophy of life.

I hope you made it to the end, thank you for sticking through.

Love and Hugs!

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