a lil’ bit different

a lil’ bit different

Hey! Are you well? I am.

This post is long overdue but better late than sorry.

I am particularly excited about this one, because, it’s my birthday month yeeey! So for as long as I can remember, I make such a huge fuss about my birthday but after last year’s, I vowed I won’t make a fuss this year. Well except a post here and there on social media (not a fuss indeed lol).


This time I have nothing planned, you know like a party for my friends; it’s all gonna be quiet. In fact, I changed my birthday date on Facebook so that only those who genuinely remember actually wish me a good one.

I’ve noticed how social media can ‘lie’ to us & this time I want a real one. Although there will be few ‘not-real-ones’ it’s better than every Tom, Dick and Harry flooding my social media platforms with wishes that Facebook reminded them about.

Something else that’s different about this birthday is that I adopted a new behavior. I am yet to decide the frequency; but every birthday month or every twice a month I devote to reading a new book. The one I’m reading currently is We’ll always have summer by Jenny Han. I have a challenge with long short intervals of reading though, cause of work but once I finish reading it I’ll let you guys know an overview of the book. This is also where I ask for ideas or books that you would recommend (thanks).


Oh did I mention I’m expecting a surprise from him? I love surprises and luckily he knows that…I ain’t sure though what I really want. But I know he’ll make my day…like he always does (blush).

Let me also be opportunistic and wish y’all a happy new month!!!

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