All about that self-love vibe|April Special

All about that self-love vibe|April Special

Hi my loves!

We’re officially standing on the ground’s of 2019 first quarter! Is it too early to say the year is going fast?

I feel like it is. Anyway, happy new month loves, I hope you’re experiencing good and positive vibes!

Today, I wanna share some exciting information with you guys, about this month and what I have in store for the blog. As you may have realized, I have recently been ‘singing’ about self love and solo dates…in fact at this point I think I can add Self-Love Activist to my Instagram bio. Seriously though, all that is intentional; I have seen the impact of it (already) and I’m hopeful for even more positive and immense growth.

Here’s my mantra in relation to self love; you appreciate yourself so much so that settling for less is non-negotiable and you’re constantly in a soaring mode because you are aware of how much you’re capable of accomplishing.

As I was planning content for the month; a thought crossed my mind and I decided to actualize it. To spice it up a little on here and yield growth and/or benefit while at it, here’s what I’m planning for the month…

April has four weeks which ideally translates to four blog posts. So each week I will set out to do an activity; either I enjoy or I’m sure will have beneficial impact and most of them if not all, solo. After which I will share my overall experience with you. With the nature of my job, the activities are only possible during the weekend; either Saturday or Sunday. This means instead of Friday, I will publish a blog post on Monday.

My first activity of the month, is a photo shoot! I am stocked you guys, like I’m really looking forward. No event is coming up or anything, I just generally love photos. I was like, why not treat myself to a profesh’ sesh’. (Eeeyyy! That sounded really cool in my head). My mum says that’s my second name (it makes more sense in Swahili).

So initially I just wanted a day of creating magic (you know how photographers say it) but this is actually where this idea of April content emanated from, I guess we can say the rest is history. I’ll post some of the pictures on my Instagram…feel free to connect with me there too. See how hopeful I am already? Oh I can’t wait! This one may not be beneficial in a big sense, it’s just a way to appreciate and feel good about myself. Which still counts. It’s necessary.

I have in mind two more activities planned for the month, which are equally exciting (well at least to me), and I’m leaving the fourth activity to you guys’ suggestions. This is the part where I ask you to suggest an activity that I can do, or somewhere I can go, then share my experience about it on here.


Today’s post is quite short, we can call it a PSA haha. But thank you for taking sometime to read it…remember for the next three weeks we’ll meet here on Monday and not Friday.

Love & Hugs!


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