At The Moment- May ’18

At The Moment- May ’18

I came across an interesting post idea from a blogger (I’ll link her website below) that I hope to be doing often.

 I hope you guys enjoy reading. Here we go…At The Moment I’m:

  • Currently: anticipating the next few months which will be eventful. I have my graduation coming up in a month’s time and my birthday which is exactly one month away.
  • Appreciating: The point in life I am. I understand that we all have our life story, and most often, your story will not match someone else’s, so I am appreciating and owning my story.
  • Becoming: More intentional. Learning to do things very consciously as opposed to doing them for the sake of it. I want to look back and still smile at my actions.
  • Working on: Projects for Sudan and South Africa which take up a lot of my thinking space, most of the time; because there’s a target I need to surpass.
  • Feeling: Super tired! I want to meet the weekend already, just so I can have some good sleep.
  • Eating/Drinking: Peanuts.
  • Loving: Digital Marketing. It’s a space I didn’t quite decide to venture in intentionally, but now that I look at it, I will do a lot more in that space.
  • Trying: To blog more often, now that I put it out there. Eeek!
  • Pinning: Ankara outfit ideas.
  • Considering: Setting up a YouTube channel. (no promises )
  • Obsessing: over Rihanna- her personality. After watching her makeup video on Vogue (early this week) I can’t stop looking her up! On the video she’s more natural and real unlike most times I’ve seen her, in music videos, events etc. Plus, black girl magic!

Looking forward to: My trip to the coast, which is a fortnight away!

I got this ‘At The Moment’ idea from Bahati Nzuri

Love and hugs!

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