First I never thought I could keep up with it; but what is a thought? I tried it and I am loving the experience!

Well I had been writing but not on my own on publications in my school. I experienced something early this year and a thought like “dear diary” cropped. And I was like, how about a blog because peeps will get to read it and derived lessons or basically just enjoy the whole experience.

Initially, I thought I would write about the experience and the blog would disappear to thin air but a portion of me constantly felt the urge to keep writing. That where we are (my blog and I). It sounded like we are a couple, right? LOL!


I am especially enlivened by the fact that my posts are actually reached…well not that much but considering I don’t publicize. Every time I’m here I feel like I’m in a different county all together and most importantly, it feels like home, a family, you know.

Currently, a portion of me wants to make it known to my friends and stuff but nah.

Interestingly, in today’s theme is my blog post name…happy coincidence?

Well I hope to have more interactions with y’all. (smiles)

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