Before you go on a solo date…

Before you go on a solo date…

Hi my loves!

Now that we know why solo dates are important, let’s talk about how to plan for them.

People go on solo dates for different reasons; you need to figure out what yours is before you’re on your way! For me, apart from having a good time, a solo date is where I go to connect with my inner self, distractions aside. By the end of a solo date I expect to feel better about myself, challenged, motivated and accomplished. You have to feel different after a solo date. The good kind.

To make the most out of your solo date, you need to plan. “By failing to prepare, you’re planning to fail.” No one wants that.

Where are you going? Is it a restaurant, the cinemas, a concert? For a movie date for example; you need to check the timings so that you’re at the cinema on time. Bearing in mind we’re living financially smart (yes?) you also need to establish how much you’re willing to spend on your date. For a place where you will eat, look at the menu before hand; most restaurants have their menus online. Whichever your date of choice, establish that before the actual day.

What will you do while at the date? Will you read a book, complete pending assignments, people watch etc? How do people people watch though? Anyway, whatever you intend to do, have it laid out. You don’t want to end up being on your phone throughout the date. That’s a failed attempt if you ask me.

As I type this, I’m on a solo date at a coffee shop. Before I left the house, I had in mind roughly what I wanted to achieve. As soon as I got here, I wrote them down in my notebook. I came up with a to do list. I’m hoping to tick ‘write next week’s blog post’ by the time my ass is off this coffee shop.

For dates like going to the movies or to a concert, you really don’t need a list of things to do; the date is packed and ready.

Make appointments where necessary. Let’s take a day at the spa as your solo date of choice; it’s not cool spending a chunk of your time at the waiting bay. So for dates where you need personal service/attention, book in advance. So that you show up when it’s your turn. Speaking of spa dates; check out Spa Dreaming for affordable and quality treatment. It’s a site with an array of spas for you to pick from.

Journal. No matter the kind of date, make sure you journal afterwards. You don’t have to do it while there, but make sure you do. I’m a sucker for writing feelings down! It’s like having an honest conversation with yourself. Journaling makes you realize so much as it keeps you accountable. It’s like an outlet; whether for positive or negative feelings, at the end of it, I promise you’re a step closer to feeling better. (That sounded like a bank ad lol a step closer to your future)

At the end of your date, don’t be shy to ask a stranger to take a photo of you  , it’s a good memory to keep!

Thanks for dropping by today’s blog…

Love & Hugs!

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