Chebet Makena Merchandise (the why and how you can get 1 or 2)

Chebet Makena Merchandise (the why and how you can get 1 or 2)

2019 has been one year where I am extremely proud of myself about; especially in terms of my brand Chebet Makena.

As the year begun, I wanted to be more intentional about my brand; and I am entirely grateful to God for the opportunities that came my way,

the milestones I have made and for the journey that’s ahead of me. Because His words are true, and He says He has plans for us to prosper.

It gives me so much joy!

A little back story...(about the merch)

So, 2019 opened up a new love for me; I got an extreme liking for white t-shirts, so I purchased a few, and made them a ‘thing’.

I love that they’re basic, and there are very many ways they could be styled. I even went ahead to customize a few; which had ‘Love God Live Happy’ written on them.

When I posted a picture on my socials, I got people telling me that they would actually purchase a customized tee from me. Honestly, it was unexpected, but I felt really humbled.

One thing I have realized about being a content creator is that you need to listen to your audience. Not to mean that they should dictate your content; because then you are preparing to fail; but it’s important to factor in their ideas because they’re the consumers anyway.

Therefore, Chebet Makena Merchandise is for you, my loves!


Love God Live Happy is a statement I came up with about seven years ago; then it was just that, a statement.

Overtime, I have learnt to listen to it. My interpretation is that when you love God, pursue and actively pursue His Word, it is a guarantee that you will live a happy life.

So what does it mean to live happy? To me that means finding true peace and joy in your heart.

So my loves, that’s the message I would like you to help me share!

How to purchase my merchandise?

You can drop me a DM (direct message) on Instagram, @chebet_makena direct, or send a WhatsApp text to +254 781 918 520.

Select the color and size then pay 60% of the price. Finally, inform me about your delivery point, and you’re ready to rock a tee! I have the t-shirts in black and white; and all sizes are available :)

Now, here’s the cherry on the cake! I will be having a ‘Kick-Off’ sale until 20th November 2019; an opportunity for you to ride on before I roll out the actual merchandise prices!

With the SALE, you get a t-shirt at 1000/- and not 1200/- which will be the retail price.

One more thing, help me share this blog post with your networks? Thank you :)

Here’s to Loving God & Living Happy!

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