Dear Golden Year

Dear Golden Year

Dear golden year,

I dreamt about you since few months ago,

I was eager to meet you, sometimes I was nervous to meet you,

I wasn’t sure if I was ready for you.

24th June is always a big deal,

but you were a different kind of deal,

you were a different kind of nervous.

Now that you’re here,

we can both agree that this is the youngest I will ever be;

so here’s the point for us to get it!!!

23 was amazing; it gave me people, it gave me opportunities, it surprised me, it also gave me hurdles, and we made it!

I’m eternally grateful to God for another year to live for Him,

for Him to be seen through me,

and I can confidently say I am ready for what God has in store for me.

Ready for Him to show up for me as I do what He placed me on this earth to do.

Here's to 24 on the 24th. Here to my golden year!

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