Hi my loves,

Welcome to my website…

It's my absolute pleasure to welcome you to my website…I’m very excited about this new venture that I am getting into;

and I can’t wait to explore and have the most of it with you guys on board.


The journey…

Two years ago, I signed in for a blog with Wordpress, but it wasn’t a public site; it was my Dear Diary outlet. Few weeks later, I couldn’t keep it to myself, so I shared it with my bestie, who would listen to “the story” then read the blog. Shortly after, I shared with a couple of friends that I had a blog. They would tell me how flowy and amazing my writing was; I don’t know if that was true. Haha! Just kidding, I trust them.

Apart from being an outlet, I realized that I really enjoyed writing; so I analyzed and thought, “what was I gaining from keeping the stories to myself?” And on May 19th, an extremely special day to me, I made my first story public. Need I mention, till date, that story had the most not only hits but also impact; from the feedback I got.

From then on, I have been sharing my experiences, #ChroniclesofMsMitei as I like to call them.


How did I get here...

Blogging for me was more a hobby that it was anything else. Over the past year, I have been inspired to ‘take it to the next level’. Inspiration from myself, the feedback from you, and by the fact that I not only want to share my story and experiences, but I also hope to encourage, inspire, inform, and/or entertain souls.

The transition…

I decided to move host from Wordpress to a personal domain, because of the sense of ownership that comes with it. I wanted a place I could call home, online. Towards the end of last year, I knew I website, but I didn’t know how I would actualize it. That was that. Just an idea. Beginning of this year, I decided to be bold and have ‘Website Launch’ on my vision board. I was nervous.

Looking back, the journey has been nothing short of amazing! God’s grace and wisdom got me here. I have also worked with an extremely amazing team; the web design, personal consultants, photographers, and my little cheering squad, I see you with the pom poms! Words could not express the magnitude of my gratitude to all of you.

I have cried, I have felt inefficient, I have had episodes of extreme excitement, but most importantly, I have learnt...and here we are!


What you should expect…

As I alluded previously, I shall be sharing my chronicles; travel escapades, professional experiences, Christian devotionals, social experiences, interesting blog challenges, collaboration with other bloggers, and so much more!

Once again, I’m excited to be launching this website, and more delighted to have you all join me. Go ahead and explore around here, subscribe, comment, and don’t forget to share- I can’t wait to build a community on here.

Hugs & Love!

Chebet Makena:)


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