I'm Finally on YouTube!!! | Chebet Makena

I'm Finally on YouTube!!! | Chebet Makena

Hi my loves!

Yikes! This feels like a dream, quite literally.

I finally have a YouTube channel. I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’m afraid, there’s lots of feelings going through my heart and my mind, but it feels right.

Many of you ask have been asking if I had a YT channel, some have been telling me I need to have one, but at the time, I think I felt incapacitated. Then I thought about it, and I realized that there’s no perfect time to do anything; in terms of a good camera, locations, etc. Plus, I thought that people who enjoy my content are requesting for that kind of exploration from me, so why not. I challenged myself, and here we are…my first YouTube video premiered today.

Apart from that, my one desire is to not only inform or entertain, but also to inspire people. So this YouTube channel will amplify my brand a bit more; and open up my content a larger audience.

On the channel, it won’t be so different from what I do on the website. My focus is still on travel and lifestyle; only that on video, you get to interact with me a bit more; which I think should be exciting.

I hope all of you are going to join me on there; please SUBSCRIBE to my channel it would really mean a lot to me. And hey, the website is still on; that means double treats for #ChroniclesofMsMitei.

Love & Hugs!

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