I’ve got news for you…

I’ve got news for you…

May is off to a great start? I hope so! If not, can you do something about it? If you can please do, and all the best while at it; if you can’t, learn from it!

I come bearing news today; haven’t placed them as good or bad because I think they lie in between.

But before that…

Remember April was the month of ‘self-love’ on here? I just wanna look back and address (sounds so formal) some feed back I got about the solo vibe I keep singing about. Some people thought you have to be going through ‘hard’ times, others think it’s weird, or that you don’t want people around. No. That’s not the case. All matters constant, you’re the only one who can become fully aware of yourself. And from that stems worth, contentment, etc…in between; people come in.

Why I think this is important, is no outside energy can bring you down. Not when you know you’re enough. Self love is like a revolution, an energy, an investment. I hope it’s clear? Kind of? Okay

Now to the news…

I’ll be taking a break from the blog this month. This marks the first and last one this month. Here’s why, 
First, I recently got a new job which is very demanding. So I want to take some time to settle in, as I work out a schedule that I can incorporate work, the blog, life and still maintain my sanity. That way, I will maintain consistency and still have meaningful and relevant content.
Secondly, and most importantly! The blog will be ‘under construction’  you know what that means!!! Change is coming around here. I’m so excited about this one!
See…it’s not so bad after all?

However, during this time, I’ll be very hands on, on Instagram, so you need to do the needful. Follow me @chebet_makena. I’ll also be sharing links from previous blog posts, and a few IGTV videos. Sounds exciting. No? Hi five if you think it’s exciting. 
The blog will resume in June (next month); you know that’s my birthday month? Best believe you’re in for some good tidings.

Today’s post was more like an announcement, lol! While at it, allow me to thank you for constantly stopping by my blog, you have contributed to my growth. While we’re away on here, feel free to suggest new ideas, posts, whatever you’d like to see on the blog, I’d be happy to bring on.

That’s it for today…see you soon!

Love & Hugs!

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