Let’s talk about Patana

Let’s talk about Patana

Hi, my loves!

Bonus blog post what’s up!

I’m so excited to share with you this amazing project I was part of; it involves food; where the foodies at? I couldn’t wait till Friday to share, so here we go…

So, please tell me, what does a ‘good restaurant’ mean to you? (Engage me on the comments section) I’ll tell you what that means to me; the food has to be well presented and very tasty, the pace has to be picturesque, it has to be affordable and the customer service has to be unquestionable!

Well, I found all these at Patana Coffee House. This place is such a vibe! I fell in love with Patana on the first day we met. The aesthetic effortlessly make you stare in awe, it’s just beautiful.


Shall we talk about the location? About a month ago, I uploaded a section of the restaurant on my Instagram and few of you asked where that was, after my answer, the response was clearly shocking. I was also taken aback. Patana Coffee House is located in Kitengela, along the Nairobi-Namanga Highway, in a building called Yukos. I’m here to share a pin with you directly too 😊.

Too far? No. Tell you why? Because your visit there will be worth it! Hold me down to it. I promise.

 I had an opportunity to speak to the manager who is also the co-owner of Patana; I was trying to understand the idea behind her concept. She was going for a sophisticated yet relaxed look, a place where peeps would hang out and have not only something to eat but also an experience. And I think they nailed it. Patana is exactly that!

I know affordable is quite a debatable term, but I can confidently say their prices are not too high up. They’re affordable.

The food…you can tell without a doubt that the chefs took their time preparing and cooking. And presentation. For that, I’ll let this picture do the talking! 



Now, ladies and gents, Tupataneni Patana! I had the privilege of working on the Patana project with an amazing team; AHurd crew…shout out to y’all! All images on this post are courtesy of Ahurd Pictures.

Love & Hugs!

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