My First Solo Trip|Easter Weekend

My First Solo Trip|Easter Weekend

I went to KAJIADO COUNTY! I was staying at the beautiful and serene Tumaini Gardens, located along the Nairobi-Namanga Highway. 

Specifically between Isinya and Kajiado town; 2 kilometers off the main road.

How to get there:
From Nairobi (via public transport) board a matatu that goes to Kajiado Town, alight at Isinya town. That will cost you about 250/- shillings. From there, take a cab to Tumaini Gardens, that will cost you about 500/-.

Planing and Booking:
One thing I discovered about traveling solo, is that the rates are almost double than when you’re sharing or in a group of people. Especially booking through a third-party like travel agencies. 
For the planning bit, I considered what I hoped to achieve during and after the trip. I was going for a ‘new’ destination and I wanted a place with less activity for downtime.
I booked my trip via which actually had an Easter sale so I secured a ‘W’ with that! Alternatively, you can book your stay with Tumaini Gardens directly. If you pick the latter, reach out to me; for ease and you might as well get a negotiated price! Wink Wink.

My Stay at Tumaini Gardens:

Being at Tumaini felt like being part of a community; the staff are so kind, friendly and so ready to help. Their customer service is A game, and for me that’s an area I’m always so keen about.


My room had such a big bed; and very comfortable for that matter! I’m afraid I may not do justice to the description here, but I have a highlight on my Instagram (Chebet Makena), as well as these pictures I took…

Cuisine and Drinks:

These defer depending on which basis you book on, that’s either full board or half board. For both options; breakfast is constant and is served on a (generous) buffet basis. Based on the fact that they are very generous with their buffet, I went with the bed and breakfast option so I ordered the other meals independently. No on wants to waste food right? Also, a girl was trynna save her notes!

What to do:

Tumaini Gardens is suitable for any group of people; friends, family and solo. Now, here’s the thing about this being solo business; I learnt it’s still a foreign idea to some. On my first day, just before a waiter brought me food, he asked how many of us were having lunch and when I said it was just me, he looked startled. That same evening, on my way to the room, he stopped me, very concerned he asked, “Madam how come you’re alone?” “I just needed some downtime alone and to enjoy my company,” I answered him. This led to a very lengthy conversation about my ideology and how new to him it was.

I digress…

This gem is located is the ‘middle-of-nowhere’ if you like…the nearest town is about 40 minutes drive away, Amboseli is about an hour drive away…my point is, when you check in, be ready to leave when you’re checking out. However, the environment is very serene for a good amount of relaxation. Which is what you would be going for anyway.

There’s also a swimming pool. If you’ve been around here for a while, you may remember that swimming is my favorite hobby. Unfortunately, I have a negative review on this one. I didn’t quite enjoy the pool- it’s quite shallow throughout. Also, the water is green,that’s just a person preference…

For me, I invested my time in meditation. This was quite new to me, but I had consulted Dr. Google on how to go about it and trust me when I say, it was a worthwhile investment. I also invested my time in my current read, ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving F*ck’ by Mark Manson.

One more thing, nina matumaini ya kurudi Tumaini Gardens…case in point, I had booked a one night stay, I ended up being there for two nights. It’s double the goodness!!!

Overall, I’m happy to say that this was my first solo trip of many. Definitely looking forward to going to new & odd destinations…here’s to loving on yourself!

That’s it for today’s post my loves and I’m sorry about the delay…I was experiencing technical issues with my laptop. Shout out to all of you who reached out to me to ask for the post! I love the accountability check. And I love you too.

Thanks for stopping by…

Love & Hugs!

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