Of beautiful spaces and night outs| Honey&Dough Edition

Of beautiful spaces and night outs| Honey&Dough Edition

Hi my loves!

I hope September is off to a great start on your side. How was your week? Mine was oddly busy, hence why I’m writing this blog post on a Friday night. However, I’m very pleased with the consistency I have been able to maintain around here. May the consistency continue to be with me,

This week, I’ll be ‘reliving’ an amazing night out I had with my girlfriends last Saturday.

The girls and I went to Honey and Dough; in Westlands, at One Place Africa. H+D is arguably the cutest restaurant I have been to in Nairobi. Apart from catching up, the plan was to dress up and show up…I think we nailed it?

Honey & Dough is a relatively new restaurant and from the images I saw online, I was sure I wanted to go there. I fell in love. What you see online; is not what you get. I feel like the images don’t do the beauty justice! It is stunning!

We had made a reservation about a week before our dinner date; so when we got there, a kind lady received us and directed us to our table. The waiters are quite swift, helpful and very professional. Our order took a bit longer than I expected; but it was worth the wait anyway.

The food was amazing; very tasty and well presented. You could tell the chefs took their time to prepare the meals. Or should I say poured out their hearts. For the main course, I had chicken, mushroom sauce & fries which was 1030/- and the H+D Browkie which cost KES 450/-. As you can see, the prices are equally fair, more so compared to what you get, it’s not expensive at all.

Another thing I loved about H+D is how freely you can take pictures in there; no one gives you a “what are you doing” eye, even the clients. Does that explain the thousands of pictures I taken of myself? Lol


I’m always excited about trying out new restaurants; and in most instances I try not to visit the same place twice; but Honey & Dough has my heart! You bet I’ll be back. I’m currently dreaming of a breakfast date there- I’ll let you guys know how that goes…

Apart from the fun and glam we had that night; I wanted to bring home this…It’s important for you (anyone) to have a circle of people you call friends. It could be one or two people; the number doesn’t really matter; (well as long as it’s not a crowd) what matters is that they should be genuine. Friends you could count on anytime; they keep you accountable, encourage and celebrate you; the list is endless. It’s very vital.


Here's what the girl's had to say about close knit friendships;

"You only get to learn more through exposure; understand and tolerate different kinds of people."

"Everyone needs a place where you can be yourself and be loved. People who you know will always have your back and you have theirs."

"Your friends help in building your confidence, give you a sense of belonging and appreciation."

That’s it for this week’s post my loves; remember to like and comment down below; do me a favour too and share it with your networks J

Love and Hugs!


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