Social Media Hiatus: Why I made it a thing...

Social Media Hiatus: Why I made it a thing...

Hi my loves!

One month & few weeks later, Ms. Mitei is back!

Where have I been?

I’ve been silent on the website, but I can tell you for a fact, no day went by without me thinking about my website; and often visiting it. That goes to show that this online home means so much to me. I’ve also been away from Instagram; completely, so I want to talk about what was happening and why I did it.

From mister Google, a hiatus is a pause or break in continuity in a sequence or activity. So, a social media hiatus is basically taking a break from social media. Also called a social media detox.

A little back story…

The first time I intentionally shut down my social media, was in April last year. The reason I did, was because I was going through a hard time; things seemed not to be working so I kind of shut off people, sort of wanted myown space. Do you ever feel that way? I took a break for about three weeks, but it felt like months! I knew I was (still am) a social media junkie, but that period made me realize that I was actually addicted to social media. I also realized that I had a little more time in my hands; scrolling through the streets of the internet can take a big chunk of our time! Another thing I learnt, is around friendship. A bit sticky but I think it’s true, your genuine friends will actually call or text to find out how you’re doing. I really hate it when I meet people and they’re like, “I see you’re doing good,” I post barely half of my life on there. Still last year, I took a break, this time not because I was going through something, I intentionally set out to be off social media for a month. By the time I was getting back, I had sort of identified my “why” for being on social media. And that to me is very important.

I realized that intentionally taking a break from social media is actually helpful. So beginning of this year I decided that I’ll be taking a break from social media; at least twice a year. I took my first break in May; that one lasted about three weeks. I took my second break of the year, in October – this one has been the longest…five weeks.

Why I took a break…

Firstly, I was doing badly on my QT with God. That’s actually the main reason I took a break this time. Kindalike a fast. Did you know that fasting is not only about food? It means cutting off something you hold so dearly.More like denying your flesh something so as to clearly hear from the Holy Spirit. Secondly, I was (still am)working on two very big projects; so I needed some time to focus and strategize so that they’re successful. Thirdly, I needed to be in that moment of my life. If you caught my last blog post, I talked about going through a season that I didn’t understand and hard as it was, I was trusting God to get me through it. Shortly after being away from social media, God turned my situation into a testimony! Lastly, it’s a ‘ritual’ I developed and really love.

What happens during my hiatus?

First, I decided for how long I’m gonna be gone.

Secondly, I select apps from which I want to be off, then I delete them from my phone. Just to avoid the temptation of checking out the app.

Thirdly, I write down what I hope to achieve while on my social media break.

Having done this for two years now, I can confidently recommend you to make it a thing too. The main learning points for me have been; it is very liberating to know that you can let go off something you almost can’t do without. It’s also been teaching me to be in the moment; enjoying my space and things around me.

So friends, I hope you’re going to consider taking a social media hiatus sometime?

Let me know in the comments section if this is something familiar and what you learnt, if you have never, are you willing to try? Talk to me!

Thank you so much for sticking through to the end of today’s blog post.

Love & Hugs!

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