Taking Stock | Lessons from 2019

Taking Stock | Lessons from 2019

Hi my loves,

WHOA! It's been an extremely hot minute! I missed all of you guys, I missed my first love; writing.

I have been working on my YouTube channel which I launched in November, so a lot of my creative time was spent creating for it, but I believe I have found a balance now, so neither my website nor my YouTube channel will starve.

I'm back just in time to look back at the year that has been. Over the past year, I have been cultivating a culture of taking stock just before a year ends and sort of planning for the next year. For today's blog post, I'll be sharing some of the lessons I learnt this year; I realized this also helps you to look at situations not as set backs but as learning opportunities and this in turn vests positive energy. 

1. A vision board is essential! 

2019 is the first year I actually came up with a vision board; I used to hear it was important and I would wonder what's the difference, I could have one in my head or whatever. But there's actually something about having a visual of your goals; it steers you towards achieving, motivates you and even holds you accountable. I did a video exploring how my vision board came through for me this year, check out my channel (Chebet Makena) for it.

2. Even when you don't see it, God is working it out...

Her's the thing, you have probably heard this a couple of times before and it may not make sense anymore. But from raw experience, 2019 taught me to surrender to God and trust Him, no matter how broken and discouraged I may feel at the very moment, He is working it out for me. September leading to October was the worst period of my year, I had an 'almost depression' episode; I was crushed. Life didn't seem to have meaning. And that was a lie the devil banked on to make hate this thing called life. But God. God in His own way picked me up; He reminded me of His love. 


3. There's my plan, then there's God's plan

As human beings we tend to want to be in control of our lives; or better put, we like to have it all figured out. And that's okay, I mean it's good to know what you want and how you're going to get it. However, God is the author of our lives; He knows what's best for us and so it's important to submit to Him. I'll tell you one thing that happened and this reality of submission hit me so hard. I am, or let's say I was obsessed with going abroad. My friends know, I never pictured myself to be in Kenya by the end of this year and I was obsessed with the idea, it was dangerous. So I had applied for scholarships in the UK last year, and I knew my Master's degree would kick off latest September. If you've tried applying for your studies in the UK you know that it's quite a process! In June/July I got offer letters to two schools, one of which offered a scholarship. Now here's where God amazed me; apparently it wasn't the time for me to go. Yes, I know it may sound crazy (idk) but I actually declined the offer. Same girl who was obsessed with overseas. Life update; she is in Kenya, submitting to God's will. And she is happy.

4. I should write my story.

Not that I didn't know this, but it kind of hit me that I have a life to live. As in, God created me for a reason, He placed me here for s certain purpose to be fulfilled through me. So it's been more of a yearning to know what that purpose is. In the smallest of things, like why did I sit on this corner of the office and not that one; or why did I meet that very angry matatu conductor the other day? I've been learning and striving to leave a mark. Again, I know you've heard that so many times before, and that's exactly it, we go such extra miles to find meaning yet it actually is within us. My challenge to you would be to be in constant contact with God for Him to reveal His purpose for you. Always.

5. Step out!

2019 has been like a budding year for me; I did things which were previously just ideas. I feel inefficient or unprepared to do them, but I started with what I had. This has been my life as a digital creator; from launching a website, to launching a YouTube channel and rolling out merchandise with a message I hold truly to my heart. As the year begun, all these were just fantasies, they looked good to say, and that was just it. But in different circumstances I felt convicted to do them, and here we are, God enabled me to cross that bridge. To be honest, they were all uphill tasks; in terms of financial requirements, content, and even just the actualization process. But I learnt to step out of my cocoon, ad work for what I love, and what I want.

6. My mum was right

Growing up, especially when I was a teenager, my mum used to say things and at the time I was probably like,"Really mum? That's old school." But I have been learning that my mum, has a wisdom that I don't. She sort of has a manual; in the sense that she knows the danger point, the winning points etc. And not just my mum, but older people have a wisdom that we don't. And it absolutely beneficial to hid to their nuggets of wisdom.

7. This is the youngest I will ever be...

As few of you may know, I am a girl who LOVES her birthday. It's my most wonderful time of the year. 2019 was even more special because it was my golden year; I was turning 24 on the 24th, so you can  bet it was a big deal. This year more than ever, I realized that I will never be younger than I m today; and this planted a hunger in my soul not to be basic. Not to settle for less, to procrastinate less, and to be in the now. To do what I have to do now because that's all I have.

8. Love is beautiful. And it will find you

To be continued...HAHA!

2019 has generally been an amazing year for me; I almost don't want it to end, but that's not for me to dictate;so I will bask in it's goodness, be grateful, and look forward to an even more exciting year. 

Lastly, I would like to genuinely appreciate each one of you; for accepting my content, for cheering me on; the only way is up. That means 2020 is going to be next level content.

Happy New Year My Loves!!!

Love & Hugs.


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