Dear men, I thought you should know…

Dear men, I thought you should know…

Hi my loves!

Step in the name of love, step, step, step, step

this song has been on ‘replay’ in my head since morning, so I had to amend the blog post to begin this way, lol!

The month of love is here! It’s only fair we address matters pertaining love, yes? Well I thought so, that’s why I’m doing this…I’ll talk about my experience with potential suitors and a few I dated; not to attack men but to drive few points home.

So shall we?

We shouldn’t be enemies if I say “No” to your proposal.

Before I explain this, ladies, don’t lead him on only to shutter his expectations when he pops that “will you be my girlfriend” question. Now men, you realize that we (ladies) meet tens (if not hundreds) of your gender every day; three quarter of them want a chance so to speak, better yet, perhaps we’re not in a season fit for dating, and so many other valid points; so why would I suddenly be your enemy if you ask to date me and I say no? That’s why I keep saying, before you rush to be her lover, strive to be friends with her first. You’ll thank me later!

Buying me gifts will not increase my feelings for you.

While I say this, I understand some ladies have ‘gifts’ top of their love language list. This point however comes in during that stage where you (men) are pursuing her. The most buying gifts will do is make us feel indebted; you know like how can I repay all he has done? If anything, keep materialism out of love, it messes up.

Make your intentions known.

Ladies, have you met a guy who says, “After all this you didn’t know I was interested in you?” Men, say what you want; it’s the least we could ask for, I’m sure you know we can ask for more😄. First we don’t like to make assumptions about your intentions. What if it ends up the opposite? Not cool. Secondly, save yourself the extra mile, mention it, if she’s game then you can proceed, if not, yellow pages. As in keep walking. Get it? No? Okay.

There’s no deadline for our love.

Some men come so chap chap you wonder? Slow down brother. I’m such a believer for if it’s meant to be it will be. Cultivate a friendship, allow it to bud and in due time it will flourish. In fact take a flower as your illustration, when it’s time for it to flourish it can’t remain in the bud, it has to open up. Copy and paste, when it’s time for our love to flourish, it will.

Be honest, it’s attractive.

You know men, there’s something about ladies’ sixth sense. The one your mother sang about and you wondered how she found out things you did in secret. We have it too. I may not find out immediately, but point is, I will find out. I’ll hold my story about this one for today, but I’ll mention, I once found out “painful truths” through social media. Truths that if he was honest about, the story would be different. But often when we find these things out, we yellow pages✌. Ladies are CIDs under cover. Ladies do you copy?

I’m feeling like a mini Njoki Chege with this post, but I think it was worth the shot!

You might have noticed, none of what I talked about is a physical attribute, they’re all sort of tied to character which I believe is a sole definition of who someone really is. Not to say the physiques don’t matter, but they’re complements to character.

I’ll sign off with a quote which made me feel like Rumi💃.

Love is not a forced emotion, it happens effortlessly ~ Chebet Makena

Ladies & Gentlemen, “Above all else, guide your heart for from it flows the springs of life.” (Proverbs 4:23)

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Love & Hugs!

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