Roses are taught me this!

Roses are taught me this!

Hi my loves!

How have you been? I’ve been missing in action around here; but I’ve been churning out content on my Instagram and YouTube channel. I hope you follow me on there too so that you don’t miss out!

Order of the day…

Last year, on Valentine’s Day, I wrote a letter to men, I’ll leave the link at the end of this article.

This year, I’d like to share with you few things love has taught me, over the past few years; from experience, realization, whatever you call it, let’s dive in…

1. Be someone who makes you happy

You’ve probably heard this statement one, two, many times. Ever stopped to wonder what it means? I have. It means appreciating yourself, (self-love for the win), appreciating and accepting your partner/lover and letting go of expectations. This is not to mean that you put up with negative traits in the name of acceptance, but being very conscious of how you point them out. Remember just as your lover has flaws, you do too. As you let go of expectations, you let go of disappointments.

2. Little things are actually not little

Communicate to/with your partner. It goes a long way. There could be many more; but let’s talk about communication. Have you failed to tell your lover something you thought was so basic, then it escalated to you don’t know what? However little it may seem, I realized that your partner is not trying to be snoopy or anything; but they’re concerned and care for you.

3. Are you experiencing growth?

This is more introspection than anything. Is it just love and laughter or do you seek to grow each other? Growth in all dimensions of life; emotionally, mentally, spiritually…not forgetting physically. They must grow! How will we know? I kid. Not doing it for anyone but the two of you. So ask yourself questions like, do you pray together? How is he/she fairing in her career path? At the end of the day; just make sure that the growth is both ways; more like a symbiotic kind of thing than a parasitic one.

4. But God.

Last year, God really showed up for me in many ways…and this year I devoted to letting Him even more. Not to actively ask for this or that; but to bask in His presence and let His will be. God speaks. My best friend and I like to say, “No one can mess with battles fought on your knees.” We don’t just say it, but we have seen it. Relationships require wisdom, grace, joy, and a lot more, and guess what? If you don’t find these in God, get ready for a rocky unfruitful ride. I say unfruitful because seeking God doesn’t guarantee a smooth ride; but God provides sufficient grace to get you through it.

…which brings me to my last point,

6. Fights are part of i

PS. I do not by any chance mean physical fights. Before, I used to get worried when we had a little argument; but I realized it’s inevitable. Difference is how you deal with the fights and if you learn from them.

Lastly, love is such a beautiful thing; especially when it’s with the right person.

Well then, that’s it for today’s post…thank you so much for stopping by.

Love & Hugs!

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