A day in my life- PR Executive

A day in my life- PR Executive

We’re gonna explore what a typical working day for me looks like. I work in a PR agency, my precise role is PR and Communication Executive. 

First off, I’d like to say that days at work are different; some are really intense, other days are the complete opposite, but for this post I’ll paint a picture that covers a bit of what my job entails.

My day at work begins at 9:00 a.m, the first thing I do is check my email; respond and action appropriately. I prepare my to-do list the previous night, but tasks come up, so I refine it as the day progresses.
As part of my job description, I do social media for clients, most of them, give links to their website, their objective for the social media campaign, so the rest, which is- content per day, artworks and hashtag (very important) is up to me. Apart from churning out content, I also respond to queries, and compile monthly social media reports.
Luckily, I am a social media junkie so I find this very engaging and fun to do!

social media
Pic from http://www.pexels.com

Let’s look at a post-event kind of day…

Usually, before the event, we (I) develop a guest list, media invite list, press release, media pitch, event itinerary, pretty much. The aim of the client, who’s event we’re planning, is to get media to cover the event, which means the public or stakeholders involved will be informed. (That’s not the only aim though!)

So after the event we do media monitoring. Which is just a fancy word for, looking for stories covered from the event. Basically compiling story and video links, newspaper and online articles in a report for the client. Sometimes, there could be a bigger story than your event going on, for example, the President giving a State of the Nation address. This is almost obvious that all the focus will be on State House and so very few media will show up at your event. This is what they called ‘precedence’ in my media class. Therefore, my work as a PR (officer, professional, executive, whatever) is to make sure that the media stations get the event footage and press release in order for them to generate a story. A part from sending these, I call the editors to pitch the story. Which is another fancy term for convincing them to publish or air the story.

As I do this, I tick off tasks on the clients’ deliverables checklist to keep track. The next task would be to create content for an e-newsletter, for the clients’ internal communication. This involves short articles, sorting photos and captioning. The graphic designer proceeds with the ‘shape’ of the newsletter.

Let’s look at a ‘tender’ kind of day…

As an agency, we often submit EOIs on tenders relevant to PR and Communication. With the fancy words again, basically applying to be considered as the agency of choice among many others. In most instances, applications are submitted online, then if the agency qualifies for first step, we are called to do a PR pitch. So on this kind of day, we go before a ‘Board of Directors’ and convince them to award us the contract. Of course before the actual day, my colleagues and I were involved in a lot of brainstorming, preparing and presenting.

On some days, clients like to have a one on one engagement with those involved directly with the project. So on such a day, the client will either come to the office, or vice versa, or we meet at a neutral location.
Side note: I like this neutral locations, why you ask, because most times they are fancy places and hey, I could do that all day!

My typical day at work ends at 5:00 pm; this is when I review my to-do-list, check off tasks completed and plan follow ups.

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That’s all for today loves, I may not have comprehensively delved into what PR involves, this is pretty much an overview.

As usual, thanks for stopping by!

Love & Hugs!

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