Here’s how you can deal with writer’s block

Here’s how you can deal with writer’s block

Hi my loves!

I hope y’all are faring well…we’re only four months to the end of 2019; let’s go on and smash some more goals!

Today’s blog post is a little different from the recent few

; I would call it an educational one…

Recently, on the streets of Twitter, I came across something that caught my attention. The tweet said: Invest 30 minutes a day in yourself; learn or read something new, write that business plan, start that book project, start an online course…” Basically what I got from this tweet is the importance of self-development, and I resorted to intentionally do something to develop myself, at least every other day, if not daily. I pose that challenge to you 😊

On today’s post, allow me to share something with you, not as an expert, but from experience.

Before we talk about how you can deal with writer’s block, what is it? In my opinion, writer’s block is being in a state where you cannot write, basically. So here’s how you can deal with that

1. Have a writing schedule

If you write often, it’s important to have a schedule that guides you. I have a blogging schedule; which entails the dates, topics I hope to write about, and few pointers to guide the topic. I’ve had this schedule for a little over 6 months now, and it has been so effective. It really helps with my writing consistency and comes through when my creative juices run dry.

2. Note down ideas as they come to mind

Being a writer, my inspiration to write comes from anything. Random thoughts, things I see on a daily basis, pictures I come across on the internet, articles I read, and so on. So when I get these random inspirations, I write them down in my phone notepad. More than half of those ideas do not come to written actualization, but a good number end up making good stories to share. This also helps me to have a variety of topic ideas to write from.

3. Pre-schedule your written pieces

When I’m writing for my blog, there are times I struggle through one article, then there are times I cruise through articles. By cruise through I mean; I have so many ideas flowing, I’m in the perfect mood to write or, I have so much time in my hands. I like to take advantage of such times and write more than one article, then have it in a folder; I save those for a rainy day!

4. Read often, research

Leisure reading doesn’t come easy to many of us; most times we read because whatever we’re reading is examinable. Reading is a culture that will never grow old; you’ve probably heard this 1000 times before, but here I am saying it again: Knowledge is power. Not only does it form a big part of inspiration andcreativity, I also find it attractive (hint hint) :-D

Apart from that, be consistent.

5. Be confident in your writing

There’s something about confidence. How many times have you written something and deleted it because of the thought, “what if it’s not good?” Well, that how we learn, making mistakes, practicing and doing it. Just do it. It may not be ‘Norah Roberts’ great, but even she started from somewhere. Before I launched this website, I had taken a two-month break from writing; and I felt do rusty! I was actually worried if I would ever get into the groove of writing again. I tried to write so many ties unsuccessfully. But one day I just decided to write. And here we are…

6. Find out what could be causing your writer’s block

Apart from lack of ideas, there are other factors that could be hindering you from writing. Perhaps an unconducive environment or mental distraction; it could be anything. Figure out what that hindrance is, manage it, take a break, then get back to your writing.

7. Put a reward to it

This one always works for me, especially to avoid procrastination. It works as a motivation. Sometimes I do my writing in a coffee shop, so in such instances, I decide I will not get an ‘extra’ order until I finish writing. It’s often a dessert or milkshake, lol. Another example is when I’m writing from home, at night, I decide that I will not sleep (and boy don’t I love my sleep?) until I finish writing. So whatever it is that you love, ‘starve’ yourself from it until you complete your writing task…then let me know how it goes?

Since seven is the number of perfection, I’m gonna end today’s blog post right there! Thank you so much for stopping by; as usual, let me know what you think about today’s blog post, feel free to add something you think could help to deal with writer’s block and most importantly, share my blogs with your networks?

Lastly, (for real) come back next Friday for a new blog post 😊

Love & Hugs!

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