5 ways to tick more destinations off your travel list

5 ways to tick more destinations off your travel list

Hi my loves!

If money was a non-factor, what would you do more of? For me, I would travel.

Well, since money is an unavoidable factor here,

how about I walk you through how you can travel without money being a hindrance?

Disclaimer: I’m no expert here, just sharing tips and tricks I’ve learnt over the past, a little over a year.

This is the part where the lecturer goes like,” Okay class point number 1…” and everyone directs their pen towards their notebook in anticipation to write. Lol I digress!

Let’s get into it:

  1. Make travel a priority and be intentional

If you want it, then go for it. Truth is, we’re little busy beings, something will always come up when you don’t have travel clearly set out. That’s why you find yourself saying things like you have no time to go on a vacation. Moreover, you may find a “better” way to spend the money than travel. Here’s the beauty about being intentional; you make deliberate decisions and stick by them. I read somewhere; there are two ways to live, either by default or by design. Design the life you wanna live honey!

  1. Plan for your travels

Earlier in the year I wrote about how to make your travel wishlist. Make a literal list; for the year, for the month; depending on how often you plan to travel. Then set out the destinations, and pair each with tentative dates, then work backwards. Planning means you do your bookings way in advance and the beauty of that, is that prices are a lot less (see that?) Ask yourself these: where and when do you want to go, how much money will you need? Which brings me to my third point…

  1. Save, save, then save

By this I mean, literally some money aside for your travels. It could be monthly, weekly or even daily. Depending on how your income streams in, set aside a certain percentage exclusively for traveling. You’re probably thinking; “By the time bills are paid money is out or you don’t even have a “stream” of income etc” Here’s a false idea about travel, that you need to be rich to afford travel. In my opinion, that’s not true. Start with the little you can get, and that actually leads me to my next point… (actually didn’t realize how these points are leading to each other!)

  1. Be a minimalist on your travels

Budget travel for the win, without compromising on quality. That’s important!

Minimalist travel begins right before you set out to travel. Allow me to tell you a short story about myself. Before any trip, I always feel the need to go shopping (still dealing with this problem); either for clothes, or toiletries, or anything pretty much. Often things I don’t need. Case in point, last year before I went to Zanzibar, I went all out. Literally went shopping like I was using someone else’s credit cards so I didn’t care how much I spent. On the last day I shopped (it had been on for a week), I didn’t want to look at my receipts. So after the trip when I decided to look at them, I dearly regretted. So what do we learn here class? Just buy what is necessary. Better yet, use what you have.

Next place to apply minimalism, is as you book transport and accommodation. Please tell me why you would go for a 5-star-hotel when you can get near-similar services at a 4 star? I hope you get what I mean. For transport too, use alternative means of transport to get there, and also while there. Remember we’re trying to make the most of travel on a budget. Believe it or not, unplanned as it may be, it actually leads me to y next point…

  1. Ride on discounts

A discount means you get a certain amount off your initial price. Of course you know what a discount is. Who wouldn’t want that! I’m such a big fan of discounts and sales, in fact sometimes I end up buying things just because the price is too good. Anyway, I digress. Make use of discounts to save your coins! On that very note,  use this link https://bit.ly/2FV0gfB to book your next trip, and get 10% off your accommodation, anywhere in the world. Courtesy of booking.com. You’re welcome honey!

Do you have any more tips that could help us tick more destinations off our travel list? Did you find any of the ones I mentioned helpful? I love to hear from you, drop me a comment down below.

Let’s get traveling!

Love & Hugs!

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