Are these restaurants worth the hype?

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What comes to your mind when you think about an ideal restaurant to visit?

For me, it has to be a meal very rich in flavour, good vibes, a picturesque environment, you know…and POCKET FRIENDLY. Yes, I’m shouting that last point.

If you follow me on Instagram I’m sure you can guess which ‘joints’ I am about to talk about, in fact, by the time you’re done reading comment down below..let me know if you guessed any right.

Let’s delve in, shall we?

1. Charlie’s
Charlie’s is located in Nairobi CBD along Wabera Street, exactly where Nakumatt City Hall was.
The meals at Charlie’s are so full of flavor, so juicy, very tasty! You can tell the Chef was very keen preparing your meal. They have a wide range of cuisines to choose from, including Mexican and Lebanese. Okay, shall we talk about their cocktails? I am yet to visit a place that serves better cocktails than Charlie’s. Not only are they classic, the presentation is also attractive.(Someone will argue the presentation doesn’t go to the tummy, I see you). They have daily happy hour from 4:30-6:30pm. Charlie’s has bomb milkshakes, I mean the glass almost wants to explode with yummy treats.
One thing I don’t like about Charlie’s…it gets REALLY full, especially in the evening.
Side note: I like the older Charlie’s better.




2. CJ’s 
What you see is what you get…located on Koinange Street (no cues please), CJ’s offers an amazing ambiance right from the entrance. The attendants are very welcoming and coordinated which makes service very swift, actually some of them have walkie-talkies…coordination my friend. As attractive as the menu is, hold me to it, that’s how attractive your food, drinks and dessert will be; that leaves you with no doubt about how ‘attractive’ it will be in your mouth! Also, it might take you a while to make up your mind on a meal, it’s almost like a study test. They serve very generously; you can barely finish a meal in one sitting. CJ’s does not serve alcoholic drinks, but they have an array of other drinks you can have; shakes, mocktails, tea and dawa of course (Do we have a restaurant in Nairobi that does not serve dawa?). After Java’s salted caramel shake, CJ’s comes second. It’s an ideal place to hang out with friends, family, also ideal for any meal of the day; including brunch!




3. Mercado
I’ve been to Mercado once, but I’m definitely going back! Mercado is located in Kenrail Towers (close to 9 West), on the Mezzanine floor. Very ideal for brunch, they actually have an exclusive menu for that. Oh, and they have a live band on Sundays. Mexican cuisines are dominant at Mercado, their food portions are not as much so if you are huunnggrrryy, maybe two plates could do? Honestly, their food is not very tasty, or maybe I ain’t a fan of Mexican food; only reason I’d go back there is the vibe, the atmosphere is pretty different from the norm. Yes, they do have cocktails, can’t remember if they have happy hour. With at least 1000/- you can get a meal here.




4. Bao Box
Where to start with this gem, located on the 8th floor of Pramukh Towers. It’s a relatively new building so if you’re trynna locate it, say Standard Chattered Head Office, you’ll find it. Talk about a picturesque environment, you arrived your destination. One thing that stands out for me at Bao Box is the chalk-wall-writings technique; they tickle me all the time. I love me a sweet cocktail and they have many options for exactly that, including one after the restaurant’s own name. I think the selling point is the board games, but I’ve only played those one among the times I’ve been there. Actually, Bao Box is a place I would effortlessly go on a solo-date; they have books you can read (for free), sitting arrangement accommodates solos. Disclaimer though, this solo date can’t happen during the evening lol, some other time before that, because it gets really packed! To be honest, I wouldn’t recommend it for a meal.




5. Mama Rocks Gourmet Burgers
Cheesy, scrumptious, mouth watering (insert similar adjectives) burgers. Oh, yea, so yummy those burgers! I’ve been to both branches, one is at the Alchemist the other few meters from the Galana Road junction. Kilimani branch is more cosy, I’d recommend the Westlands branch if you wanna have a quick one, but they’re both outdoor settings. There’s something about their burgers, that takes me back every once in a while. They’re so ‘white’ at Mama Rocks though they serve from food trucks, but I find it really cool. 1000 bob could get you a burger. I have sampled three different shakes here, it is safe to conclude that they are horrible. As I write, I recall a particular one I had…oh no, it was bad. They also have cocktails, never had any so I wouldn’t say much about them, but burgers…any time please.

I am a local guide on Google Maps, so I have done a couple more honest reviews with photos. You can explore them here>>>

Disclaimer: I’ve visited the above featured restaurants more than once therefore my opinion is not based on one visit.

Let me know if you try out any of the above mentioned restaurants and if you have already…I’d be happy to hear your experience on the comments section below.

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