Make your 2019 travel list with me!

Make your 2019 travel list with me!

Hi my loves!
First off, thank you for all the love you showed me on my previous post, I was honestly overwhelmed.

Traveling is one among my favorite things to do; and this year, I want to be very intentional about it. Last year I traveled, but not as much as I would have loved to and as I looked back, I realized it’s because I didn’t have a plan. Most trips if not all, were random.

Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth. ~ Rumi.

About a week ago, I made my 2019 travel list; so I wanna share with your some tips and basic info that went into it, and the planning that follows.

You will need a notebook, pen and your imagination for this one. So let’s dive in!

First things first, where do you want to travel to? List down all the destinations you want to visit this year. Do you want tropical vibes, or safari vibes, or a bit of both…whichever criteria you use, put them all down. For me, I intend to visit new destinations, places I have never been to.

Secondly, schedule your trips. How often do you intend to travel? Weekly, monthly, once this year? So for every destination, write the month or date which you would want to travel alongside it. As you do this, keep in mind public holidays; Easter; Valentines Day all those ‘free’ days we got off of work or school. If you’re employed, make wise use of your leave days, as a matter of fact, draft that Request for Leave form well in advance.

Speaking of how often you intend to travel! I discovered Wambui Gichobi on Instagram, she’s Kenyan and intends to travel to all 197 countries of the world! She’s currently on country number 42…her page just gives me chills!!!

Thirdly, what’s your travel itinerary? Basically, how will your days at the destination look like? Which places will you visit and at what times? This is very wise to do so that you make the most of your time there; don’t waste any minute trying to figure out your day while out in your trip. If you’re traveling via a travel agency, it may be easier because most provide the itinerary. However, if you’re solely planning the trip, you will need to research. Places to visit, things to do…luckily there are a lot of blog post and YouTube videos to guide you.

…and now to the elephant in the room…

How much will your trip(s) cost? Before I continue, let me mention that you don’t have to be ‘rich’ to travel. Most of it is just good planning and A LOT of saving!

So, the cost entails; accommodation fee, transport, activity fee and pocket money. Again, if you go the travel agency way, you pay a one-off fee for everything but pocket money. If you’re planning the trip, again, you will need to research. I have a policy, I’m willing to go the cheapest way only of I don’t compromise on quality. And it has worked for me.

For international trips, find out if you will need a Visa to access the country, and of course book a flight. I came across Opodo which is ideal for booking pretty affordable flights.

While on that research vibe, I have done blog posts on MombasaMaasai Mara and Zanzibar. I’m sure you can get useful information.

Lastly, device a saving strategy. After getting how much each trip will cost you, come up with a plan that will help you save towards the trip(s). Whether is 1000/- daily, or 10,000/- monthly, even 100/- per day, whichever works for you. Not only device a strategy but also be very keen to adhere to it.

Most importantly, pray. Commit all your plans to God.

At the end of all these, I hope you have a 2019 travel list!

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions concerning today’s blog post, also if there’s something specific you want me to write about, don’t hesitate.

Before I go, I have some exciting news…from next month, I’ll be posting every Friday; which essentially means 4 blog posts per month. May the consistency be with me, AMEN.

That’s it for today my loves, thank you for stopping by…

Love & Hugs!

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