Mini Getaway in Naivasha| Dove Nest Lodge

Mini Getaway in Naivasha| Dove Nest Lodge

Hi, my loves!

Another Friday, another blog post…may the consistency stick with me!

Today I’m gonna be sharing my experience from last weekend when I went to Naivasha.

I was staying a Dove Nest Cottages, about thirty minutes from the main town. I traveled to Naivasha by public means; remember the principle for saving coins? So transport cost me KES. 250/- to and fro,  then I took a cab from town to the ‘hotel.’ I booked my accommodation online, via…which means I secured a 10% discount. Yaaay! You can use this link to get a discount off your next trip!


This basically involves confirmation of the booking; which send to your mail, giving your contact details, payment (which you can do as you check out), and they tell you basic information, like the Wi-Fi password haha!

I’ll be honest with you guys, this place did not meet my expectations; I had seen pictures online, but the reality didn’t quite tally. But don’t get me wrong! The place is beautiful, the environment is well kept and very clean, they’ve invested in tree planting so there’s a lot of fresh breezy air…it was okay!



There’s a variety of rooms; as I came to learn while there. They’re cottages, but from the outside, you could tell some are posher than others. I think I was taken to the most basic of cottages (sniff sniff). Hence the missing room tour IG fam haha! Btw have you followed me on Instagram? Anyway, so the bed was actually very big, with a big mirror to match it, I guess. And the bathroom was pretty basic. Oh and there was TV too, so it wasn’t that bad. One thing I liked about the room is how clean it was; I would confidently rate them at 8/10.

Food and drinks...

I booked for the bed and breakfast package; which means dinner and lunch were not inclusive…well of course. I had a problem with their menu; first off, it did not have a variety to choose from; secondly, it was (oddly) expensive. All the same, the food was tasty.

Things to do…

At Dove Nest, there’s a swimming pool. Which I actually fell in love with as I took a tour around the place. The water was crisp blue…just the way I love it! The challenge though, Naivasha was so cold! Perhaps it’s the season we’re in, or the trees around the place made it windy. Even with the sun out; I couldn’t stand the cold pool water. Now here’s the thing, I love swimming no matter the weather, my friends can attest, so when I say it was so cold that I couldn’t swim…must’ve been cold! Or perhaps I’m growing old, lol.


Apart from swimming, and chilling in the clean air environment, that’s about it. The rest is for you to come up with; make the fun you want. Although sometimes a getaway means being away from your usual schedule, doing nothing but relaxing. So Dove Nest is perfect for that!

And that ladies and gents, was my stay at Dove Nest…I had an amazing few hours away from the city which is exactly what I needed. One word for you before I sign off, remember to make rest a priority; don’t wait for the ‘right’ time, or when you have ‘less’ to do, because that is not likely. We were given no manual for adulting so we have to learn as we go through it, and that right there is a learning point.

Thank you for all the love and feedback from last week’s post; I understand most of you would prefer to comment without having to log in, so we’re gonna work on that. Meanwhile, just login today and engage with me…

Love & Hugs!

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