Take Time To Vacay| Kaskazi Beach Hotel

Take Time To Vacay| Kaskazi Beach Hotel

For my golden year, I wanted something special. Not only because I was turning 24 on the 24th,

but because 2019 is a very defining year for me. I desired an experience where I could be in touch with myself more than ever and have a good time while at it.

Earlier in the year, if you told me I would be in the Coast for my birthday, best believe you would be so wrong. But the beach called my name. Again. And I couldn’t help it!

I had the absolute pleasure to be at Kaskazi Beach Hotel in Diani. This gem gave me an arena to be free spirited, grateful, self-reflective and of course have an amazing time. So, let’s relive my three days a Kaskazi, shall we?

Day 1:

This time I had a full day on the day of travel which was exciting! I left Nairobi at around 10:00 am, and I was in Diani in an hour. Apart from vacationing, the objective of this trip was to create content; so as soon as I arrived, I came up with a work plan. My photographer and I set out to identify locations within the hotel for respective pictures. And not just pictures, but ones that tell a story.

The first day was pretty much a chill day o relax and vibe with it. Oh and did I mention how the ‘All Inclusive’ package at Kaskazi works? You can have food and drinks, between 7am and 10am without adding an extra dime! A girl was living her best life! Quite literally.

I winded down my first day with a scrumptious buffet, with the oh so lovely staff at my service; and thereafter to the room.

Day 2:

The plan was to catch the sunset at 6:00am, by the beach. But at the time, there was none. And I remember having a conversation with God, as I overlooked the breathtaking view of the beach from the room. “Please give us the golden hour this morning,” and with a ray of hope I prepared myself for the morning shoot. An hour later; tarah!

At the beach, we were going for the “looking back I’m so grateful” vibes. I must say, it was an amazing experience working with a photographer who understood my concept and even gave it more life in the execution. We were also going for “sophisticated woman” at the beach kinda vibe…and a free spirited young soul all of which in my opinion, we nailed!

Kaskazi Beach Hotel is quite big, so there are so many places within the hotel to explore; literally I was living my Hawaiian dream. 

Day 3:

Last day at Kaskazi, didn’t start very early. In,fact that morning it was raining and I remember being so glad that we achieved the sunrise shots previously. Here we had no work in terms of content creation planned. All we needed to do is select pictures from the hundreds we had taken! Kaskazi were kind enough to give me a lee-way with my check out time, so I left a bit later in the day…and would you believe me if I told you I cried when it was time to leave? Yes, I did.

Despite the fact that my holiday was not over; I still had three more days at the Coast, one of which I spent at the scenic Wasini Island, I was sad to leave Kaskazi. Actually I should mention...I cried!!!

But Kaskazi stole my heart...

 Special mention to Kaskazi Beach Hotel for having me, and AHurd Pictures for the amazing work on the photography beat.

Love & Hugs!

Chebet Makena :)


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