Tranquility at Karura Forest|April Special

Tranquility at Karura Forest|April Special

This weekend I went down to Karura Forest as part of the series I’m doing this month. Karura is popular for bike riding; where you hire a bike for 500/- 

but I can’t ride a bike, yea I know. So I went to walk and run, solo. Entrance fee for citizens is 100/-, residents is 200/- and non-residents is 600/-

As I was paying, the lady asked “how many are you?” I said, “just me” and she looked startled. I’m yet to understand why people think it’s odd to hang out alone.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean you should always be solo, we need friendships too, they’re equally vital.

I started at 11:30 am and took my first stop after about an hour, at 12:35 pm. So I walked for the first half hour, and ran for the rest. All this time, I had music on, but I couldn’t help but notice and appreciate the beauty that nature bestowed. For a moment I felt like I was in a different space; just me and the trees in a Supreme presence. I also found myself meditating a lot, about myself. Quite a lot you guys. but the good kind.

Being the first quarter of the year, this was also a good opportunity for me to analyze my vision board, and how far I was with it. I didn’t have it with me there, of course  but it’s mine, so I know it quite well. There’s something about writing down your goals (I used to here this all the time) but this year I decided to live it, and I can already see why it’s important.

I took a break of about 20 minutes, at the waterfall, and the ‘pretty valley’ as they call it. For the remaining time, I switched off my music. So I could hear the sound of me breathing, the sound my feet made on the ground and dried leafs, the wind, the calmness; I basically allowed myself to feel the moment. It’s at this point that I began to thank God. For all that I am, but more so for some good news I got late last week. I’m amazed at how patient I had been before I got a “yes”. I had been anticipating that change for the last couple of months. Even before I share what I’m talking about; I’m trying to say that God is working on that situation you’re trusting Him for.

Karura Forest has about three entrance gates, but the common one is Gate C via Kiambu Road. There’s a map and the forest is also well marked so it’s not likely that you will get lost. Within the forest they have placed relevant numbers, which you can reach out to in case of anything.

Apart from the soul and mind searching I did, it was also a form of workout! I completed about 8 km overall, two of which I ran, and that’s good cardio!

Well that’s about it for today’s blog post, but before I close off, I’m happy that some of you are learning to actually appreciate yourselves. The feedback warms my heart. Go on and love yourself!

Thanks for stopping by…

Love & Hugs!

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