Weekending at the Maasai Mara National Reserve

Weekending at the Maasai Mara National Reserve

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A weekend getaway in Maasai Mara ideally begins on a Friday

, so we traveled to the Mara from Nairobi through Narok. The journey, by road takes about 5-6 hours…and disclaimer my friends, the road from Narok to the reserve is horrible!

  • IMG_0482

I’ve been to the Mara twice and yes to many more times! Both trips were through Destination Connect, which I highly recommend you to check out. Their prices are very affordable, and their services are top notch.

Tip Alert: Book your trip via a travel agency, I promise you will save your coins. Also, when going to the Mara, try not to go all out on the hotel because you barely spend your time in there!

African beats please…

We left Nairobi at 7:00 am and arrived Maasai Mara at 1:30 pm. So we checked in to the rooms, had lunch and off we went…for the evening game drive.

As a local tourist, you will need 1000/- and your National ID to access the park. The game drive takes about 3 hours, from 4:00 – 7:00 pm. The tour van drivers are very knowledgeable, they know which areas to target during the drive, some even ‘educate’ you along the way. This is the beauty of booking your trip via a travel agency, or at least hiring a travel van with the driver…instead of traveling with your typical every day ride, get it? You will also save on the cost of getting a tour guide.

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At this point, day 1 is typically done, winding down as we had dinner then slept early enough for the second day.

Day 2 game drive can begin as early as 5:30 am, it’s advisable to go this early so that you catch the animals and sunrise too. Being a human who loves her sleep, my game drive began at 7:00 am. Again, you will need to pay 1000/- KES and present your National ID to enter the park. Saturdays in the Mara are my favorite because we spend the whole day in the Game Reserve which is 1,510 km squared.

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Tip Alert: Carry very light clothes, it gets hot during the day. Also, carry warm clothes, it gets really cold at night and in the morning.

One interesting thing about the Mara, is that the drivers have a walkie-talkie-thingie which they use to communicate with each other, it works like a WhatsApp group, lol! When a driver sees animals other tourists would be interested in, he directs the rest. This is when they unleash the Mara slang, kichwa is the lion, maskio is the elephant, pembe is the rhino, mti is the leopard, that’s all I can remember.

This time I was very excited because apart from the ‘common’ animals, I had the privilege of seeing the BIG FIVE.

  • lionessesPicture by Dennis Koech
  • elephantsPicture by Denis Koech

Including the leopard, which I understand is very rare to see during the day. Side note: The leopard is my favourite animal!

  • Leopard

I haven’t had the opportunity to witness the 7th wonder of the world, maybe that’s what I should plan for next time, but at the Mara River is a safe area for people to get off their tour vans.

  • Mara River

We went for a mini hike, which ended with a view of the hippos and crocodiles. This is also where we had our packed lunch.

The second day typically ends at 5:00 pm, truth is, you cannot exhaust the Mara in a day, case in point, people who shoot documentaries spend weeks, even months in there!


Tip Alert: You may want to get a souvenir from Maasai Mara- beaded accessories, crafts and Maasai shukaz. Try not to purchase anything from the entrance/exit of the park because the prices are absurd. Instead, go to Oloolaimutia village market; you can get the same items at reasonable prices.

Back at the hotel/camp, we requested for a bonfire, a night to catch u under the stars in the beauty of the jungle, of course munching on the legendary Nyama Choma!

Disclaimer! Network connectivity at the Mara is poor, but remember, you’re there to experience the moment so don’t stress too much about it.

Day 3: We began our safari back to Nairobi, so nothing much happened. We started the journey at around 8:00 am and arrived in Nairobi at 2:30 pm. Just in time to prepare for the Monday (that you dread) but feeling very refreshed and re-energized.
A trip to Maasai Mara is very therapeutic and refreshing, the air is fresh, the beauty is breathtaking; it’s definitely an ideal place to visit for a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Picture by Dennis Koech

A few packing essentials: warm and light clothing (preferably dark colours), comfortable shoes, a good camera (or your phone), National ID or passport (for International tourists), a pair of sunglasses and 1000/- park fee for each day. Oh! You will also need to carry your patience, driving through the Mara, you can go for up to one hour without seeing any animal, especially when it’s sunny, animals are on the hide out.

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